Autism is not a disease and autistic children are not mentally retarded! Instead they are highly talented people! As it’s is not a disease there is no medicines for autism. So don’t be get cheated by any advertisements that offer medicines for autism.

For Parents When They Learn Their Child Has a Disability by Patricia McGill Smith This article includes a brief on., Common Reactions, Seek the Assistance of Another Parent, Talk with Your Mate, Family and Significant Others, Rely on Positive Sources in Your Life, Take One Day at a Time, Learn the Terminology, Seek Information, Do Not Be Intimidated, Do Not Be Afraid to Show Emotion, Learn to Deal with Natural Feelings of Bitterness and Anger, Maintain a Positive Outlook, Keep in Touch with Reality, Remember That Time Is on Your Side, Find Programs for Your Child, Take Care of Yourself, etc..

Dr. Samuel P Oommen, Professor, Developmental Pediatrics Unit, CMC, Vellore. This article mainly touches the areas on., 1. Reasons for Developmental Delay, 2. How can we suspect if the child has developmental delay. 3. Why is it important to make the right diagnosis ?, 4. Medical Specialists : Specific Complications, 5. Growth Monitoring : Plotting growth on Condition specific growth chart, 6. Developmental Monitoring : Development of Indian Children with Down syndrome, 7. Making an Child specific plan to learning and therapy, 8. PROTECT Yourself !,

BY- DR DINESH KS, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR AND HEAD DEPARTMENT OF KAUMARABHRITYA VAIDYARATNAM P.S.VARIER AYURVEDA COLLEGE KOTTAKKAL, KERALA FOUNDER- AyuCALM[Ayurveda Center for Autism and Learning disability management] Email Website Interview conducted by Mrs. Najmamol, Intern at V.P.S.V.Ayurveda College, Kottakkal